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Makonde Mathivha’s death mourned across Limpopo

Mathiva's daughter said her father's untimely death came not only as a shock to the ANC and her family, but to many across the province.

LIMPOPO – News of the death of the deputy chairperson of the Vhembe ANC, Adv Makonde Mathivha, came as a great shock to many residents.

Mathivha (61), who was also a former manager of the Thulamela Municipality, died at a private hospital in Johannesburg on December 8 after a long illness.

His daughter, Adv Fhatuwani, said her father’s untimely death came not only as a shock to the ANC and her family, but to many across the province.

“We have received many messages of condolences and as a bereaved family it shows us that my father was loved and respected. He was accommodating to everyone, irrespective of colour, race or religion. We wipe our tears because we know that he served the Lord every minute of his life. God has done His will and ours is to accept it,” she said.

Premier Chupu Mathabatha said that he was deeply saddened by Mathivha’s death.

“It is still hard to believe that he is not with us anymore. The family’s grief also touches us. Mathivha was a good man who helped everyone, despite the circumstances. For so many years he served selflessly and faithfully in the ANC and community structures and in those dark days he made himself available day and night to all who needed him. We will always remember him for his hard work, commitment and dedication. Most of the developments that occurred during [his time as] the Thulamela municipal manager, were his ideas. He understood that, as a leader, one must transcend all boundaries and represent the hopes, interest and aspiration of all people to realise a better life,” Mathabatha said.

Vhembe ANC chairperson Tshitereke Matibe also expressed his shock over Mathivha’s death.

“Mathivha was one of our comrades who understood the way in which the organisation functioned and contributed to shaping the local government system. He was a selfless visionary and dedicated leader to all. Mathivha was a champion of social and economic transformation in South Africa. He had vast experience and people learned a lot from him. His death is a loss to both the family and the community. He will be remembered for his hard work, commitment and dedication. Our heartfelt condolences and support to the Mathivha family,” said Matibe.

Mathivha was buried at the Mapate cemetery on December 14.

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