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Jossey Buthane charged with attempted murder

The charge stems from violent clashes in Juju Valley on Sunday, which left several people injured.

POLOKWANE – The ANC’s Peter Mokaba Region has confirmed that prominent politician and regional election team member, Jossey Buthane, was arrested and charged with attempted murder earlier today.

His arrest stems from the violent clashes in Juju Valley on Sunday, which the party stated involved members and volunteers from both the ANC and EFF, and in which several people sustained severe injuries.

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Regional party spokesperson Adolph Rapetswa today informed Polokwane Review-Observer that Buthane handed himself over to the police and said Buthane was among several individuals who were arrested and charged.

He described this as a gross human rights violation, saying the law seems to only take into account one particular point of view of what surfaced in Juju Valley earlier.

“To begin with, it was EFF members who attacked ANC members as they were conducting door-to-door election campaigns in Juju Valley.  This, after the EFF had unlawfully barricaded the area, declaring it a no-go zone for any political party. This is a clear violation of the Electoral Act. Today, our law enforcement agencies, starting with the police, chose to arrest those who were merely defending themselves from the EFF’s aggression,” Rapetswa explained.

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National EFF leader Julius Malema has in the meantime condemned the violence and called for an investigation into the matter, saying that other highly placed ANC officials were seen producing firearms, as can be seen in from footage circulating on social media.

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