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Limpopo K9 officer cycles 1 924km from Cape Town to Musina

Timothy Ramadwa said he is happy to have fulfilled his dream of successfully completing the trip and thanked everyone who supported him on his 15-day journey.

LIMPOPO – Timothy Ramadwa, known as ‘Mr Lover’ from Ramantsha village, cycled from Cape Town on March 27 to the Musina Beitbridge border post where he was welcomed by Musina Mayor, Nkhanedzeni Mawela on April 10 after having completed 1 924km.

Ramadwa works at the Louis Trichardt police’s K9 unit. His aim of riding from Cape Town in 15 days was done to remember those who lost their lives as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Last year in November, he cycled from Pretoria to Louis Trichardt, covering a distance of 380km to pay tribute to 600 South African soldiers and supporting personnel who had perished when the SS Mendi sank on February 21, 1917 during World War I.

Musina Mayor Nkhanedzeni Mawela hands over a token of appreciation to cyclist Timothy Ramadwa.

Ramadwa said he is happy to have fulfilled his dream of successfully completing this trip and he thanked everyone who supported him on his 15-day journey.

“We need to remember those who died in the pandemic. I have not collected a lot of money during the trip but I am trying to help those who are unable to help themselves.”

During the trip, he slept mostly in his car, he said, as there was no money for accommodation for him and his friend who escorted him.

“I always wondered about joining a cycling club, and then a friend took me with him to join the Vhembe Cycling Club. I’m now a pro and have taken part in major races. Cycling is valuable, it takes our kids off the street and provides them with a healthy lifestyle,” he said.

Cyclist Timothy Ramadwa is welcomed upon his arrival in Louis Trichardt.

Ramadwa offers recreational cycling training to interested young people from around Vhembe. Riders get to compete provincially and nationally based on their skills. He furthermore encourages active mobility within communities who previously had no access to the sport. “The life of a cyclist is costly and demands a lot financially, which is always a challenge.”

He also touched on the importance of discipline, and encouraged learners to remain focused and not let themselves be distracted from their school work. “It is better to inspire the younger children, to coach and steer their passion in the right direction.”

Mayor Mawela remarked that Ramadwa was setting a good example for local young people by encouraging them to refrain from engaging in crime. “We need to have more inspirational sports figures like him in our municipality. We are very proud of him.”

Ramadwa thanked the donors who made his trip possible: Masana, Makhado Crossing Mall, Premjee & Sons, Mabirimisa Bus Services and all those who helped him.

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