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GSDM leadership bring gifts to Lindile Secondary School

Mr Trevor Nkosi donated school uniforms, dignitary packs (face cloth, bath soap, body lotion, deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrush) and sanitary towels at the school.

Following interruptions in the teaching and learning at Lindile Secondary School in Wesselton in Ermelo earlier this year, some good news and acts of goodwill are what the school needed and was exactly what they received from Gert Sibande District Municipality (GSDM) recently.

The leadership of GSDM, led by the executive mayor, Mr Muzi Chirwa, and the whip of the council, Mr Trevor Nkosi, donated school uniforms, dignitary packs (a face cloth, bath soap, body lotion, deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrush) and sanitary towels to 33 needy learners.

Mr Nkosi said the event was in the spirit of celebrating the times and life of Nelson Mandela.

He said the lesson to be learned by the learners is that their background does not have to dictate their lives and futures.

“Being born in poverty is not your problem, but to die poor will be your problem.”

The executive mayor gave the keynote address and emphasised the need for education as it is a weapon that can be used to change anybody’s life.

Mr Chirwa also called upon all government employees and citizens to listen to the Thuma Mina call by the president of the country to lend a helping hand and provide service where necessary.

“Chief Whip, with these gifts you have responded to the Thuma Mina call.

“We know this school faces serious challenges and the Wesselton area is also facing a lot of social challenges, however, I wish to encourage you all to look past all of that,” Mr Chirwa said.

The mayor concluded by encouraging the learners to do well in their studies to increase the potential of attracting sponsorships for themselves and thereby doing well in life.

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