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SAVF celebrates Women’s Day in Standerton

“We were given the ability to deal with our pain,” Ms Marima said.

Women’s Day was celebrated in style at the SAVF in Schwickard Street, Standerton on Thursday, August 12.

The staff took great pains with the decorations, had entertainment and two guest speakers.

The Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Abuse-unit of Standerton Police was represented by Sgt Jabulani Sithole, Sgt Charity Tshabalala and Const Thokozani Masiteng.

Ms Meisie Mazibuko, social worker, welcomed the audience consisting of their women’s group, Ms Celia Goosen, guest speaker, and other guests.

Ms Hellen Marima, social worker, did the introductions and gave a short address to the women, focusing on inner strength.

“You can prosper in the midst of pain,” Ms Marima said.

“We were given the ability to deal with our pain.”

Const Masiteng outlined their line of work and how the community can assist them.

He said the vast majority of cases involve rape and defined it as sexual intercourse, without the partner’s consent.

Other crimes include sexual assault, attempted rape, child abuse and – neglect and domestic violence.

Ms Marima described during an earlier interview the activities of the group, that now totals 40 women.

They are taught to sew, paint, draw and has a vegetable garden with the emphasis on creativity.

“They can do anything that will help to sustain them,” she said.

Ms Goosen, representing the leadership of Ariella Ministries, was also present at the interview.

“The vegetable garden teaches responsibility as well,” she said.

The group also learns how to deal with stress and take on life’s challenges.

The two women shared a vision of restoration of inner pain and voiced it differently.

“They need to know they are not alone,” Ms Goosen contributed.

“Sometimes people just need someone to listen to them,” Ms Marima commented.

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