South Africa Responds to Penny Sparrow’s Racist Comments

2016 has begun with a bang after estate agent Penny Sparrow sparked massive backlash due to her racists comments posted on her Facebook profile.

2016 is being branded the year for calling out racists after KZN estate agent Penny Sparrow posted racist comments calling black people monkeys on her Facebook profile, which has since been deleted. Sparrow sparked a social media onslaught and as of this morning, remains public enemy number one, after her post went viral prompting a very useless apology.

Penny Sparrow kicked off 2016 with one racist Facebook post.

Although Sparrow, who should change her name to Penny Dreadful, would like to believe she was innocently complaining about the packed beaches during the festive season on Saturday 2 January, she was merely being a typical racist. Here is her original post.

penny sparrow original post
It wasn’t long until people on Twitter and Facebook Weighed In

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When she realised she was caught out, she posted this laughable apology

When Penny Sparrow realised that her comments had gone viral and that there was no turning back, she posted an apology, completely missing the mark and sparking further backlash for her lack of acknowledgment that she is in fact a racist.

penny apology

Jawitz Properties CEO, Hershel Jawitz chats to 702 about former employee Penny Sparrow’s racist comments.


Penny Sparrow chats to Metro FM

Metro FM decided to give Penny Sparrow a third chance to prove to South Africans that she is not in fact the worst person of the moment but she blew it. Firstly by calling the radio station “black people’s radio”, then telling Phat Joe she couldn’t believe he was black because he “speaks so well” and proceeding to defend her comments once again saying they will blow over by the end of the week.


This is not the first time Penny Sparrow has shared her less-than-desirable racially motivated opinion of South Africa. Check out her post from 2014.

penny 2014

She wasn’t the only racist to air out their views

Shame on you Penny Sparrow and Justin Van Vuuren, shame on you.
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