Breaking News: Ward committee member pulls gun on RA chairperson during public meeting

A public meeting in Ruimsig erupted in chaos after an altercation between ward committee members and an RA chairperson.

A public meeting called by Ward 97 councillor Jacques Hoon about the ever-escalating electricity challenges faced by residents in the ward, descended into chaos when two ward committee members attempted to physically remove the Willowbrook, Ruimsig, Amarosa and Poortview (WRAP) Residents’ Association (RA) chair, Martin van der Westhuizen.

Hoon had cut off a resident mid-question, accusing her of making political statements, and when Van der Westhuizen intervened, he demanded that the resident be given the chance to complete her question.

Two of Hoon’s committee members, Donne Hutchinson and Julia Griffiths, moved from the front of the hall to where Van der Westhuizen was sitting among other RA representatives, and a spat ensued.

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WRAP RA chair Martin van der Westhuizen with police outside the hall at IIE MSA in Ruimsig.

Hutchinson grabbed Van der Westhuizen’s arm but was unable to move him. At one point, she had him around the neck, but he managed to pull free.

Van der Westhuizen then had a heated exchange with Griffiths. He eventually splashed some water from a bottle at her, urging her to sit down, at which point she pulled a firearm, and briefly pointed it at him before putting it into her belt.

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Hoon and his entourage, as well as City Power officials, left the scene before police arrived. Griffiths and Hutchinson could not be reached for comment. Van der Westhuizen, supported by other RA representatives, visited the Honeydew Police Station to open a case against the ward committee members.

The Roodepoort Northsider approached Hoon for comment who responded that he was not involved in the altercation and could therefore not comment.

This is a developing story.

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