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Johannesburg Care Foundation spreads warmth during winter

Just In Time Baby Sanctuary is met with blankets and kind hearts.

Just In Time Baby Sanctuary received new blankets for the winter.

The Johannesburg Care Foundation donated 10 blankets to the baby sanctuary, to help keep their children warm.

Llewellyn Ryan, founder and chairperson for the Johannesburg Care Foundation, explained the inspiration to help the sanctuary came from seeing the suffering experienced by a mother unable to care for her child and how places like this help people in that position.

“The chairperson, in his term, had a woman here that was heavily pregnant, but without a place to go for her and her baby. Just In Time answers to those in a similar position,” said Llewellyn.

Llewellyn stated they want people to realise that places such as the sanctuary offer an alternative to leaving a child in a dustbin or a veld, to those who are unable to care for their children.

He also added if any person is willing to contribute to the foundation in any way they are welcome to contact him on 064 732 2129 or 011 046 8913.

“The kids love their blankies and had a chance to choose their own. The blankets are beautiful and we are very grateful to people like the Johannesburg Care Foundation,” Georgina Caetano from the sanctuary stated.

She added they currently have 10 children in their care.

Georgina also mentioned the baby saver which was locked due to power struggles, is now open again. They bought batteries for the camera as they could not afford to keep it locked during winter. They are still however struggling to find someone to install their generator. Georgina explained they require a professional person with an electrical certificate to be sure all the safety regulations are met.

Any person willing to contribute can call Georgina on 062 045 8219.

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