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GAUTENG - THE long awaited e-toll hearing is set to be heard on 25 September at the Supreme Court of Appeal in Bloemfontein.

Outa’s Wayne Duvenage said the alliance still needed to raise R1.4 million to cover past legal costs.

“This case is being funded entirely by the public and business entities. The shortfall is urgently required if we are to succeed in challenging this winnable case, despite the fact that the review judgement went against Outa,” said Duvenage.

Explaining what would happen if more money is raised than required, Duvenage said, “We will turn off the fundraising campaign when the amounts required to settle the current bills have been reached, so as not to have an over subscription.

In the event of a surplus, he said the funds would be held in the trust, pending a decision by the Outa management committee to either channel the surplus funds as follows by among others, to fund a similar cause that is probably road safety related, or to an organisation that deals with societal improvement matters such as Corruption Watch.

The details of any surplus funds generated will be communicated on Outa’s website at the appropriate time.

Total transparency will be the order of the day and no committee member or director is being remunerated for his or her time and efforts.

No committee member or director will being remunerated in any way for his/her time and efforts.

To contribute to Outa’s legal cost, go to

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