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Hard times for Reea

CRAIGHALL - The REEA Foundation has announced that it was low on funds used to facilitate the running of their hostel.

The foundation provides a space for people with epilepsy and mild neurological disorders, as well as opportunities for entrepreneurial skills.

REEA has two properties: the riverside property in Marlborough Avenue, next to Craighall Park, and a hostel in York Avenue, where most of the residents stay and where they are cared for.

The property on Marlborough Avenue is where most of the foundation’s income is generated through rentals and fundraising entities, which include the bookshop, the charity shoppe, and a pet food service.

Full-time volunteer Daniella Alexander said the foundation’s immediate crisis is that the charity is running out of funds to pay for utilities such as electricity, rates, water, food and staff costs, as 24-hour medical care is expensive.

“There are numerous projects at REEA that already alleviate this monetary shortfall to some extent,” said Alexander.

“As these projects grow and others become a reality, we foresee a time in the near future where we will no longer have to rely on outside help to continue caring for our residents, and will be a self-sustaining charity organisation.”

However, Alexander admits that time is not now.

Very positive about the future of the foundation, Alexander said that people and companies from the community had opened up their hearts and pockets, and pledged money that saw them raise about 50 percent of the funds that were in deficit.

“When people hear about how much we need, they sometimes don’t realise that that amount doesn’t necessarily have to come from one source,” said Alexander.

“If lots of people gave little amounts then we can reach our goal.”

Alexander appealed to the community to give just a little bit and make a difference.

Details: 011 788 4745011 788 4745; email admin@epilepsycarecentre.za.net

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