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Norwood police launch Operation Vhuthu Hawe

ORANGE GROVE – One suspect was charged with dealing in alcohol illegally and running an illegal shebeen.

Norwood police shut down an illegal shebeen in Orange Grove on 19 June during a special operation known as Vhuthu Hawe (His grace).

Spokesperson for the Norwood Police Station Sergeant Eric Masotsha said a woman who was selling alcohol illegally without a liquor licence found herself on the wrong side of the law.

“Alcohol has been confiscated and taken to the Norwood police storeroom as evidence before the court of law,” said Masotsha.

The alcohol Norwood police confiscated at the establishment in Orange Grove. Photo: Supplied

He added that the woman had been charged with dealing in alcohol illegally and running an unlawful shebeen.

“We warn those doing the same not to be next. Operation Vhuthu Hawe has been launched for those disobeying the law. The operation will expose each one of them.”

Masotsha thanked community members who chose to be the eyes of the Vhuthu Hawe operation.

To report any suspicious or unlawful activities call 011 483 4600/09.

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