‘Blessee’ is actually Zuma’s daughter

JOBURG – Fake account is deleted after girl in photo is confirmed as Zuma's daughter.

Zuma’s ‘blessee’ has been confirmed as his daughter.

On 12 July, a photo collage of President Jacob Zuma and a young girl engaged in shows of affection was posted on a Facebook page leaving the general public wondering who she was and what the nature of their relationship was.

The Facebook account belonging to 19-year-old Lindokuhle Dlamini claimed that she and the president were in a relationship; he being her ‘blesser’ – a colloquial term for a man who is in a relationship with a woman who he blesses with material things and she attends to his needs in return.

This morning it was reported by News24, who spoke to one of the president’s children, Edward Zuma, who confirmed that the account was fake and the woman in the pictures is, in fact, one of the president’s children as well.

The collage, which has been doing the rounds on social media, has attracted much attention in the few days since it was posted on Facebook and was even trending on Twitter.

The account has since been deleted and Zuma has not responded to the false information.


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