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Heartfelt get together for owlet feeding volunteers

The success of this endeavour would not have been possible without the volunteers’ hard work, compassion, and dedication in feeding the Nestle baby owls.

A sweet and heartfelt get-together at the Nestle Bryanston Campus was hosted to thank everyone who took their time to participate in feeding and keeping their rescued owlets alive.

On November 17 last year three owlets that were rescued at the campus after the hailstorm became a permanent part of the Nestle family.

Their small owl box was installed at the campus’ tallest tree with the hope that the parents of the owlets would come back and feed them; unfortunately, that did not happen and the Nestle family became surrogates when they started feeding the owls.

Marianne Lombery, the business executive officer for Nestle Purina Petcare in Eastern and Southern Africa said she wants to express their deepest gratitude for the volunteers’ exceptional dedication and commitment over the past month in feeding the owlets.

Marianne Lombery cut the get-together cake. Photo: Duduzile Khumalo

“Since we moved the owlets from their small box to their big pen, many of our volunteers have been staying behind after hours to feed our babies. Thank you so much to everyone.”

She added that the selfless efforts of volunteers have not only contributed to the well-being of these precious owlets but have also exemplified the true spirit of community and compassion.

“Your willingness to invest time and energy in nurturing these young babies reflects your genuine concern for our environment and the creatures that inhabit it, and we recognise the invaluable role you play as volunteers. We are truly grateful for the difference you are making.”

Sara Orchardson gives a few points on how to help owlets. Photo: Duduzile Khumalo

EcoSolutions and the Owl Project representative, Sara Orchardson, added that the dedication of the volunteers is amazing and aligns perfectly with environmental sustainability, and she is happy to see how invested the Nestle family is in these owls.

“Thank you for your outstanding contributions to these owls’ lives, and may you continue this journey together in making a positive impact on our environment.”

The Nestle family became surrogate parents to the owlets. Photo: Duduzile Khumalo

One of the volunteers, Lungile Fethe, said, “The first time I had to feed them, I was so scared because, you know, us black people, we normally do not see eye to eye with owls.”

She added that once she was done, she couldn’t believe how cute and not scary the owlets were.

“It was an amazing feeling that I had whenever it was my turn to feed them. Imagine leaving many chicks and the next day coming back to none and going forward I will never be scared of owls.”

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