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How to stay young while growing older

Aging is a reality everyone will have to face one day, provided they live long enough.

The reality however, does not need to be one of wrinkle creams, plastic surgery or injections to make you look younger. The decisions you take today will undoubtedly have an impact on the quality of life you live once you become of age, a few adjustments now will have massive consequences. 1. Develop a positive mental attitude Your feelings/attitude towards getting older have an effect on how you live. Setting goals and looking forward to the future can help in developing a positive mental attitude towards aging. Your attitude is your key to a positive life. 2. You are as old as you feel Physical appearance is not the key to aging well, psychological health is the key to successful aging. Feeling ‘old’ can never do you any good. Never refrain from physical activities because you are too old, this attitude will result in your muscles shrinking due to lack of activity. 3. Continue working after retirement Studies have shown that there is a correlation between early retirement and aging. A study indicated that early retirement could literally send you to an early grave. So don’t hang your boots up after retiring. Keep your muscles and brain active. 4. Ignore negative stereotypes about aging A study by the North Carolina State University found that negative stereotypes have a negative effect on memory performance. In the study adults aged between 57-82 years, exposed to words such as ‘feeble,’ ‘senile,’ and ‘cranky,” performed more poorly in memory tests than those who were exposed to positive stereotypes

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