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City Parks neglects Joburg’s heart

SANDTON - Last year Ward 102 committee members accused City Parks of neglecting the landscaped area on the corner of William Nicol Drive and Republic Road.

Parkmore Community Association chairperson, Julian Ortlepp has raised her concerns about the area as well. She said, “I am so disappointed at the condition. My work takes me all over Johannesburg and I see the condition of a lot of our parks and public spaces. I am of the opinion that City Parks are not fulfilling their obligations and that their contract with the City needs to be scrutinised and possibly cancelled.

“I am fed up with seeing once beautiful places and spaces being neglected and ruined by the very people who are supposed to be looking after these places.”

Ward 102 councillor David Potter said the state of the intersection had been reported numerous times by himself and some residents to City Parks. “The reality is that City Parks is way understaffed and depots at times are run under crisis management circumstances,” said Potter. This is the case across the entire city.”

Jenny Moodley, City Parks spokesperson said, “Work has commenced at the garden area and will continue until it is completed. The site was maintained in December last year, however, the warm weather coupled with the rains accelerates seasonal overgrowth and the facility is therefore in need of additional weeding.”

She added that City Parks had also approached businesses in the area to assist in maintenance of the facility. “This has been received quite positively and we are hopeful that there will be support for other facilities from businesses adjacent to parks, in the greater Sandton area as well,” said Moodley.

Details: City Parks; 011 712 6600 or lgordon@jhbcityparks.com

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