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New radio station takes to the airwaves

JOBURG - Inspired by the bold vision of the ground-breaking Maboneng Precinct, a new radio station will promote and nurture the city's rich musical talent.

Jozi Maboneng Radio, an online station, will celebrate the richness of Joburg’s inner city culture and the spirit of the city’s diverse influences and eclectic inhabitants.

Station manager Boyza Dubasi said the station’s music policy reflected the “inspirations of the city’s creative inhabitants”.

“House music is ubiquitous in South Africa, and the station will showcase the most forward-thinking producers in this fertile scene that has entrenched South Africa’s position on the global music map,” he said.

“But it won’t be bound to what is fashionable at the moment. DJs will be selected for their commitment to soulful, quality music from all over the world, from hip-hop, funk and disco to techno [and] jazz, with a particular nod to the local Johannesburg scene.”

Dubasi added that supporting local talent was an important part of the station’s vision.

“[The station] will work with the local community to put on events that link with other like-minded organisations and creatives,” he said.

The beginnings of the station lie in an event hosted by DJ Kid Fonque and international DJ and producer Dego from 4Hero at The Living Room.

“The music [played] on that day was inspiring, groovy, melodic and had everyone there enjoying themselves tremendously,” said Dubasi.

“We were, like, ‘Why can’t you hear sounds like this on radio, and wouldn’t it be awesome [if you could]? That was how the station was born.”

The station manager added that he hoped the station would bring back the “magical feeling of music”.

“When you hear a great new track that touches your soul, you dance with excitement and your whole mood changes, then Jozi Maboneng Radio will have done its job,” he said.

“Any day, any time, you can tune in and listen to great soulful music with great DJs or hosts who are well-informed about their music and [are] infusing it with all that’s happening in Maboneng Precinct and all things beautiful and creative in Jozi, our city.”

The station was launched on 30 June with an outside broadcast at The Living Room.

Details: 082 631 8884; www.jozimabonengradio.co.za; www.facebook.com/jozimabonengradio; Twitter @JoziMRadio

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