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The greatest Christmas gift

BRYANSTON - Sandton Mediclinic welcomed four bundles of joy over Christmas, with Rivonia residents Selma and Sean O’Brien adding a beautiful set of female twins to their family.

Although they were born six weeks early Selma said that her two girls, Sophia Isabella and Olivia Anna O’Brien, are “the best Christmas present ever”.

The twins were born at 12.56am and 12.57am on 25 December at a healthy 1.8kg and 1.9kg respectively.

Father Sean O’Brien said, “We are so excited. We were also surprised that they came so early and also just after Christmas Day. But the fact that they came over Christmas was absolutely amazing.”

He added that though they were premature they are doing really well and are healthy.

The twins are the new addition to the O’Brien family. Sean said the couple’s first-born (6) was at home and is an extremely excited sibling.

Bundle of joy... The cute Baby B was born at 12.57am at a weight of 1.9kg.
Bundle of joy… Olivia Anna O’Brien was born at 12.57am at a weight of 1.9kg.


The greatest gift... Baby A was born at 12.56am at a weight of 1.8kg.
The greatest gift… Sophia Isabella O’Brien was born at 12.56am at a weight of 1.8kg.

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