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Safety tips for the pool this summer

JOBURG - While the festive season is considered a fun and joyous period where people can spend time on holiday or with family, without caution; many accidents also take place during this period.

As residents enjoy their sunny days at either public or private pools, it remains important to be cautious when using or visiting any public swimming pool.

The Johannesburg Emergency Management Services has issued tips for residents for maintaining safety while at the swimming pool with spokesperson for the emergency services, Nana Radebe, cautioning residents to remain vigilant when using swimming pools. This is because there tends to be an increase in pool-related incidents during the summer season.

“Statistics indicate that a huge number of drowning incidents happen in our homes and children under the age of five become victims, making it imperative that parents supervise their children when they are swimming,” she said.

Radebe added that because of such factors, the city launched a campaign aimed at tackling the issue of learning to swim called “Operation: Dlala nge vati”.

The campaign is aimed at teaching children how to swim at the city’s public pools.

For those using private pools, Radebe advised that residents place a safety net over the pool or enclose it with a fence to keep children out when the pool is not in use.

“Also ensure that children are taken out of the pool should you leave the pool area, as this will ensure their safety,” she said. Other tips Radebe mentioned include:

Tips for using public pools include:

q Avoid swimming when you are drunk.

q Avoid swimming if you are unable to and opt for pools with life guards present, as they can assist with equipping you with the necessary skills.

q Ensure that children always swim when supervised.

Tips for using private pools:

q Supervise children when they are swimming.

q Ensure that a floatation device is close by the pool to assist, should an incident occur.

q Visit a EMS BeSafe Centre for assistance with CPR training.

Finally, Radebe said that should a pool-related incident take place, residents should contact 10177 or 112 for assistance.

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