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VIDEO: How the Grayston Drive pedestrian bridge should have looked

SANDTON - Watch a video that depicts what the end product of the bridge that collapsed on the M1 highway would have looked like.

The Grayston Drive bridge that collapsed yesterday afternoon was meant to be reduce travel times and accidents, was initiated by the Joburg Development Agency and City of Joburg and was started after a traffic and transport study was conducted in the area.

Watch a video depicting the supposed end version of what the bridge should have looked like below:


The construction of the bridge began in March earlier this year.

A study indicated that at least 10 000 pedestrians travelled between Alexandra and Sandton on a daily basis.

These pedestrians travel approximately 5.2 kilometres along Rautenbach Avenue and Roosevelt Street to Grayston Drive.

In a bid to improve access between these areas, the city council planned to build 5.2 kilometres of walking and cycling lanes including on the bridge over the M1.


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