Initiative adds hope to another young woman

SANDTON – Afrika Tikkun and KFC, both with their head offices in Sandton, have given hope and a future to young South Africans like Sinanziwe Ndlovu.


Sinanziwe Ndlovu, a 22-year-old University of Johannesburg student, has taken progressive strides in her life, thanks to the KFC Add Hope initiative.

Ndlovu had a tough upbringing and was left to fend for herself as a teenager when her mother passed away.

“I was living with my sister in South Africa when I lost my mom and. I had to live with my sister, who already [had a] deep responsibility of her own two children and so a decision was taken that I should stop schooling. During this tough time in my life, I met Afrika Tikkun.,” said Ndlovu.

Were it not for the charity work of this organisation, Ndlovu would have had no choice but to leave school.

“My sister struggled to take care of all of us on her own. There were many times that I had gone to bed hungry and it was hard to concentrate at school. That’s when I found myself at Afrika Tikkun, an Add Hope beneficiary, which was able to assist me with a plate of food, but they also gave me access to a library and extra classes to excel at school.

“Add Hope is giving young people like me the opportunity to succeed by supporting beneficiaries like Afrika Tikkun, as a child cannot concentrate on an empty tummy!”

This ambitious young woman is currently completing a Diploma in Public Relations and Communications.

Add Hope, which runs throughout the year, is a national feeding initiative which allows KFC customers to purchase ‘hope’ off the menu for R2, with every donation given directly to more than 110 Add Hope beneficiaries.

One of Add Hope’s beneficiaries is Hyde Park-based NGO, Afrika Tikkun, an organisation aimed at uplifting and educating communities, especially the youth. “One meal can make a huge difference in the lives of children who need the right nutrition for proper brain and physical development,” said Mike Middleton, chief marketing officer of KFC Africa.

“Add Hope is KFC’s commitment to help feed children in South Africa because we believe a hungry nation can never be a growing one.”

Middleton explained that since its inception in 2009, Add Hope has made great strides in making a meaningful difference in society and, today, the organisation feeds more than 100 000 children across South Africa and continues to invest in providing children with nutritional meals.

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