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SANDTON – In light of a recent Sandton Chronicle article, Add Hope shared information on the work that they do and explained how the public can get involved.


The recent student protests at well-known South African universities are a bone-chilling reminder of the hardships that many young South Africans face.

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It is for this reason that KFC’s corporate social responsibility project, Add Hope, has placed emphasis on helping young South Africans. Their aim is simple – to ensure that pupils do not starve to the point whereby they cannot concentrate in the classroom. In the Sandton Chronicle article, Initiative Adds Hope to Future, Week ending 16 September, the touching story of a young woman, Sinanziwe Ndlovu, who was gifted with a bright future by the charity, was discussed. Thanks to the initiative, she is pursuing a career in media and communications.

It is heartbreaking to picture a child whose only obstacle, stopping him or her from progressing academically, is the lack of food in his or her tummy.

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In light of this recent article, Mike Middleton, chief marketing officer of KFC Africa, shed light on more of the charitable acts by this organisation. “In South Africa, 26 per cent of children under the age of nine are stunted as they do not receive sufficient nutrition for proper brain and physical development. This means they cannot learn and play as other children would,” he said.

He added that KFC’s Add Hope hopes to change the issue of malnutrition by making a difference in the lives of children in South Africa. “We aim to provide them with nutritional meals to help them learn, grow and thrive. Since its launch in 2009, Add Hope has grown to feed over 110 000 children across South Africa, every day,” explained Middleton.

The good news is that community members can help this worthy cause. “Running all year round, Add Hope allows customers to purchase ‘hope’ off the menu for just R2. This way every one of us has the power to change someone’s life, with every donation going directly to one of 110 Add Hope beneficiaries.”

Details: www.addhope.co.za


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