The future of e-commerce has arrived, Everyshop is finally here!

The much-anticipated Everyshop, South Africa’s latest and most exciting e-commerce platform, has been launched, what more could you ask for?


During March, the Everyshop website was available in a testing environment to the public. Consumers were asked to explore and purchase during this period with some initial promotional offers.

Now, we can now announce that Everyshop, South Africa’s latest and most exciting e-commerce platform, has been launched.

The Covid-19 pandemic and its ensuing lockdowns resulted in a worldwide e-commerce reset and pulled forward a huge amount of future e-commerce adoption. This holds true in South Africa too, where many shoppers were forced to experiment with online shopping for the first time, causing historic shopping habits to be broken. The disruption on previous work, social, travel and shopping norms – together with the explosion of smartphone penetration and access to the Internet – gave rise to significant online growth opportunities for retailers.

“JD Group, a division of Pepkor Holdings, already offers extensive online shopping to South African consumers through its retail brands that include Incredible Connection, HiFi Corp, Bradlows, Rochester and Sleepmasters. Immense know-how, e-commerce and logistics capabilities and infrastructure have been built up to provide world-class online shopping experiences with swift and efficient delivery options. The opportunity to also offer South African online shoppers access to a vast array of other product categories resulted in launching this new, exciting online retailer – Everyshop,” said Peter Griffiths, chief executive officer at the JD Group.

“With the support of our existing retail businesses, we have partnered with some of South Africa’s most well-known and loved brands across a number of industries, including specialist electronics and appliances, furniture, fashion, footwear and DIY to deliver true value to the South African shopper. Everyshop’s customers will be spoilt for choice in a convenient and affordable manner with access to the products that they need and the brands they love. We are proud to be part of Pepkor Holdings with its many trusted brands and combined, we are a diversified retailer of clothing, footwear, furniture, household appliances and consumer electronic goods. Now, even more is offered with Everyshop – our brand new online platform.”

Everyshop offers every consumer the opportunity to shop the world’s leading brands at their fingertips and have them delivered anywhere in South Africa. With an extensive range and exclusive offers, Everyshop is not only South Africa’s latest online retail platform but a treat for all types of customers with a perfectly curated assortment of products ranging from fashion and homeware to the latest tech and appliances. With everything in one place and supported by some of the latest e-commerce innovations while underpinned by a nationwide logistics infrastructure, Everyshop is a guided digital-first experience providing every shopper with a unique and tailored departmental shopping experience – intent on being a true disruptor in the e-commerce landscape.

Everyshop offers the best possible selection of products, brands and an online store that is designed to address very specific consumer needs such as ‘work from home’, ‘enjoy the ultimate entertainment experience’ and ‘achieve the latest on-trend fashion and beauty look’.
“At Everyshop, we love brands and we know our shoppers do too, that’s why we’ve created a platform that houses the world’s leading brands such as Nike, Apple, Revlon, Samsung and many more. Everyshop also supports new South African entrepreneurs and already includes a wide range of local brands such as Me&B, The T-Shirt Bed Company and Move Pretty to name a few.”

A journey through Everyshop is not only about shopping but about finding complete solutions to specific needs.

Quick, affordable, and reliable fulfillment is key to the success of any online retailer and Every shop has this box ticked with a nationwide distribution network. It includes two dedicated fulfillment centers and 15 large-scale distribution centres that position products closer to customers and offers faster, affordable fulfillment across a wide variety of merchandise from small high-value goods to large appliances, TVs, furniture, and mattress bed sets. One of the next steps includes the on-boarding of approved retailers as marketplace partners that will further enhance Everyshop’s merchandise offering.

The online platform offers consumers a wide choice of easy and safe payment options with hassle-free checkout and more will be added in the upcoming weeks. Everyshop aims to introduce many new consumers to online shopping through its mobile-first site design and easy-to-navigate website.

“Through extensive market research and needs analysis we have identified over 10 different shopper missions that make Everyshop the family destination of choice, to equip students returning and learning institutions, those still working from home and providing South African families everything they need for home and while travelling.

“Everyshop is everything online shopping should be!

“And as part of the launch, we invite consumers to register and they will receive a R100 discount code toward their first purchase of R500 or more. More information about this limited offer is available on our website. The team will also continue to grow our weekly promotional deals across over 25 categories and consumers can already make use of our ‘up to 30% OFF’ offers on various categories. These offers can easily be found on the promotions page.”

Compiled by:
Stef Michael
Marketing Executive
Everyshop, Incredible Connection & HifiCorp

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