Michael Mount matriculants prepare for the big world

Michael Mount staff members and learners wish their matriculants a great journey in the next phase of their lives as they prepare for their finals.

As the year reaches its conclusion, matriculants from all over the country are saying their goodbyes to their fellow friends and a few of their teachers before their final exam preparations. Staff members and learners of Michael Mount Waldorf School organised a special day in honour of their Grade 12’s journey.

On a warm sunny day on October 14, the Grade 12’s of Michael Mount all took a trip down memory lane with their guardians as they revisited their old classes starting from the nursery section. Through their tour around the school, matriculants were handed gifts from each grade that they visited.

Guardian of the Grade 12 class, Trish Godlonton, shared a heart-warming message to her children during their final assembly.

Kuzivakwashe Bvunyenge, Jason Knezovich, Campbell Procter, Sam Straw, Virginia-Rose Raulo, Tayla Cox, Bume Mxenge, Najma Mothlamme, Sinenhlanhla Ndlela thank their school for their time at Michael Mount.

“While we are excited for you and wish to celebrate the end of your school journey, you are a part of the fabric of our lives and your leaving will be tinged with a deep sorrow. It has been a pleasure being your guardians this year. You have worked hard, been accommodating, generous in your affection and stoic in your approach to the hardships of the process. Many of you have grown and matured into very lovely young adults and we are exceptionally proud of who you have become. We wish you flight. We wish you a pair of silver wings. But we also ask that you re-visit the sunflower field sometime in the future and
re-connect with what has been your second home for many years,” said Godlonton.

The farewell ceremony ended with the matriculants thanking every individual for their time at Michael Mount. Support staff members battled the Grade 12 learners over a heated game of soccer before everyone made their departure.

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