Weaving stories through movement and rhythm in Bryanston

Beyond the accolades and recognition, the representation of Bryanston-based dancers at the World Championships fosters cultural exchange and mutual understanding on an international level.

The qualification of Bryanston-based dancers to represent South Africa at the World Championships in Blackpool, UK, is a testament to their exceptional talent, dedication, and the power of dreams.

Their journey to the world stage serves as an inspiration to aspiring dancers everywhere, reaffirming the importance of passion, perseverance, and hard work in achieving one’s goals.

One of the dancers, 13-year-old Kiyaan Dean Naidoo said he was excited and proud that he would represent his country, his academic school, and his dance studio on the global stage.

“It is an incredible honour, and I expect that this is going to be a difficult competition, but I aim to give my best and also learn from this experience. My ultimate goal is to be placed in the top three in my category.”

He added his specific style of dancing was hip-hop and street dance, and for the next few months, he was going to be vigorously training to be ready for this competition.

“Mental health is also important for any child my age, as is self-care. I will have to find the best ways of coping between academics and dance sport, and I will reach out to my parents and my coach for assistance with this.”

Kiyaan elaborated that the biggest challenge he had faced was to keep calm and confident in his abilities. He needed to add more creativity to his dancing and be ready to deal with change and unexpected challenges.

“My parents have been my biggest supporters since my dance journey since I was three and a half years old. They help me to align my goals with time management, as does my nanny, who ensures that I stick to my time schedules and routines.”

He commended his dance coach Dexter Manzana who has improved his skills and brought him this far in his dance journey.

“My coach also serves as an important support pillar in my everyday life. I must also thank King’s College and my teachers who supported me in my journey.”

He said with a smile on his face that this was an awesome opportunity for him to represent the country, display his dance talent, and be part of this competition.

“I am humbled but extremely excited. I am representing South Africa with immense pride. I hope that my participation encourages and sparks interest in other scholars getting involved in dance sports in South Africa. It’s a great way to stay fit and healthy and have constant goals to work towards.”

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