Rhino parkrun markers settle along the Bryanston River

Ward 103 councillor praises community for proactivity in taking care of their public spaces.

It’s the Bryanston East community forum’s 20th year of serving the community and a small party of residents attended the official unveiling of the rhino statues in Bryanston East on April 9. In attendance were the varying groupings of local volunteers, who had rallied behind the banner of making their community a safe and beautiful one.

“Ten years ago, the BECF started working on more environmental issues like looking after public spaces,” said co-chairperson Ian Tumiel. “Around about that time, the area opposite the Riverside complex was quite a derelict, no-go area. Neil came up with the proposal to turn that into the park it is today – that was a great start to this movement towards looking after community space.”

Neil Jackson spoke on the BECF’s vision to give back to the community of families that use the space during the week.

The team of Francis Legolwa, Aaron Komo, William Ndlovu and (front) Carrington Vundla has been instrumental in positioning the pair of rhinos since the BECF acquired the parkrun markers. Photo: Lebogang Tlou

“The intention is to beautify the route, and our green spaces, for the benefit of the community and the runners who use the park,” Jackson said. “We’ve managed to put the lion and the elephant; we’ve got the rhinos, and next is the leopard and the buffalo.”

Ward 103 councillor Lynda Shackleford hailed the initiative taken by the BECF in maintaining its public spaces.

Neil Jackson, Ian Tumiel, Lynda Shackleford, with resident volunteers Angela and Monique Vasconcelos.

“It’s amazing when communities step up,” said Shackelford, lamenting the municipality’s limited capacity to be able to take the lead in such advancements. “This is where the community step up, and Ward 103 in Bryanston always does, and this is incredible.”

The lion (Tau), and the elephant (Ilanga) were joined by two rhinos – a parent rhino, and its offspring on April 11.

The BECF invites the community to contribute to the naming process by sharing suggestions with the forum through existing channels of public communication.

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