Morningside Manor residents express concerns over Joburg Water reinstatement methods

Community concerned as Joburg Water's reinstatement process raises eyebrows.

Residents of Morningside Manor are voicing their apprehensions regarding the reinstatement practices conducted by Joburg Water following recent repairs to a burst pipe in the area. Concerns have arisen over the quality of the reinstatement work, with locals highlighting various issues they claim are persisting post-repair.

The recent pipe burst, which occurred in the heart of Morningside Manor along Ridgeway Drive, prompted swift action from Joburg Water to rectify the problem and restore water supply to affected households.

However, resident John Samuel contends that the reinstatement process has left much to be desired, citing a range of issues, including uneven road surfaces, lingering potholes, and inadequate restoration of the pavement.

John Samuel is concerned about the quality of work that JW does when it comes to reinstatements. Photo: Duduzile Khumalo

“It’s concerning to see that after the repair work, the condition of our streets has not improved but rather worsened,” expressed Samuel.

According to Samuel, who has experience in engineering, these uneven surfaces and poor backfills on pavements pose risks to pedestrians and drivers.

“While we appreciate the work from Joburg Water in fixing the burst pipe, the backfill work appears rushed and lacks attention to detail. It feels like a temporary fix rather than a permanent solution.”

Samuel urges Joburg Water to address these concerns promptly and ensure that the reinstatement work meets the required standards for safety and functionality.

In response to enquiries sent by the Sandton Chronicle on April 8, regarding the reinstatement process, Joburg Water spokesperson Nombuso Shabalala said on April 10, “We had a media tour today, and I have been busy planning the whole week. I have not been able to respond to media queries. I will check my emails later today and share them with the relevant depots for comment.”

Another incomplete Joburg Water reinstatement along Ridgeway Drive in Morningside Manor. Photo: Duduzile Khumalo

She then responded to our email on April 11 at 14:17, saying that they had forwarded our query to the relevant depot for comment and would respond as soon as she had feedback from them.

“Considering that it’s passed your deadline already, I have asked them to please prioritise your query. Thank you for your patience. I will keep you updated.”
At the time of going to print no further feedback had been received from Joburg Water.

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Another unattended Joburg Water excavation

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