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Collen Mashawana Foundation marks 12 years of service to disadvantaged communities

Since the creation of the Collen Mashawana Foundation, it has demonstrated unwavering dedication to its mission of uplifting disadvantaged communities.

In a country where disparities continue to widen, one foundation stands tall, committed to bridging the gap and uplifting those left behind by societal inequalities.

The Collen Mashawana Foundation based in Sandton was founded on the principles of providing housing, support, and essential resources to those most in need across the nation and has become a beacon of hope for disadvantaged communities across the region.

Since its inception, the foundation has worked tirelessly to address multifaceted challenges through targeted programmes and strategic partnerships, they have brought tangible change to countless lives.

Collen Mashawana, the founder, said that this year marks 12 years since the foundation was started.

Collen Mashawana during one donation event.

“To commemorate this significant milestone, we will be hosting two celebratory events: a gala dinner, where achievements of the past 12 years will be celebrated, and future endeavours to address some of the challenges facing the country 30 years into democracy.”

He added that they will also host a golf day, offering participants the opportunity to engage in friendly competition while contributing to a meaningful cause.

“The evening will not only highlight the foundation’s commitment to community engagement but also serve as a platform to raise awareness and support for ongoing initiatives.”

Mashawana explained that the foundation’s various programmes and initiatives have made significant strides in addressing critical issues such as housing and food insecurity, healthcare access, and education disparities.

“One of the foundation’s key accomplishments includes providing over 400 houses to elderly citizens, child-headed families, and the disabled, with specialised accommodation tailored to meet their unique needs.”

Mashawana elaborates that they are currently renovating the late global icon and leader Nelson Mandela’s house, and this exemplifies the foundation’s commitment to preserving historical landmarks and honouring the legacy of iconic figures such as Nelson Mandela.

“I look forward to many more years of the foundation and its helping to make people’s lives better.”

He emphasised the importance of collective action in effecting positive change and reiterated the foundation’s unwavering commitment to serving humanity.

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