Redhill School reigns supreme at Paarl Gimnasium Festival

Redhill School's netball heroes brought home the gold from the Paarl Gimnasium Festival, leaving a trail of defeated opponents in their wake.

In a remarkable display of skill, determination, and sportsmanship, Redhill School’s first-team netball players made an unforgettable debut at the prestigious Paarl Gimnasium Netball Festival recently.

Renowned for being among the top netball schools, Redhill’s participation and impressive performance at the festival has once again affirmed its reputation in the sports community.

Competing in a gruelling schedule of nine intense games, the team showcased exceptional prowess against some of the strongest competitors in the circuit. The results speak volumes about their dedication and the high level of training provided by the school.

Achieving eight wins out of nine matches, the team not only showcased their talent but also gained invaluable experience competing at such a high level. This strong start is a promising indicator of the exciting netball season ahead for Redhill School.

Ashleigh Gray, head of netball at Redhill, expressed her pride in the team’s achievements, emphasising the importance of wins and the overall experience.

“It’s not just about the wins; it’s about the incredible experience and the strong start it represents for our upcoming netball season.”

She added that the sessions focus on developing learners’ sports-specific strength and flexibility, while also aiming to prevent injuries.


  • Redhill 24 and Paarl Gim B20
  • Redhill 34 and Hermanus16
  • Redhill 24 and Pearson 18
  • Redhill 20 and Hopefield 8
  • Redhill 32 and Montana 9
  • Redhill 41 and Durbanville 5
  • Redhill 27 and Eldoraign 24
  • Redhill 22 and Menlo Park 28
  • Redhill 32 and Bredasdorp 19.

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