IIE Varsity College makes reading fashionable for the little ones

The IIE’s Varsity College Cares celebrated World Book Day with the learners from Khumo Diepsloot Primary School under the Khumo Project.

The celebrate World Book Day and Copyright Day, 30 books were recently donated to Diepsloot Primary School by The IIE’s Varsity College Sandton. This formed part of the campus’ Kids under the mentorship of others (Khumo). The IIE’s Varsity College and IIE MSA’s National CSI partnered with the school.

These books will go towards the school’s library and their literacy project. With this more learners will have access to books from various genres.

“In addition to celebrating the day with the Grade 1 classes, some library skills and tips including how the Liberians can maintain the library, classify the various books, and how the team at Diepsloot Primary School can implement library programmes such as book clubs and the spelling bee were shared”, said Martha Mokgehle, assistant information specialist at IIE’s Varsity College Sandton.

“I was truly happy to have been able to participate in this initiative and seeing the learners so excited to hear the story of the day was a pleasure. It was such a humbling experience as well as an eye-opener in terms of the learners’ eagerness to learn to read and how they read at different paces. I look forward to participating in other VC Cares initiatives which will have an impact in our communities, and which will give us as students an opportunity to get out of our comfort zone and see life through a different lens,” said Lesedi Thobejane (1st-year IIE Bachelor of Commerce The IIE’s Varsity College Sandton and VC Cares, student volunteer body).

As part of the Khumo Project, the campus is partnering with Diepsloot Primary School for the next two years. By enlisting the help of students, staff, and the expertise of lecturers, the campus is involved and collaborating with the school on projects that will address specific needs identified by the school.

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