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Peaceful road trip to spread joy across South Africa

The 67 Blankets for Mandela Day organisation is returning to its roots by embarking on a road trip to deliver blankets to various regional locations throughout the country.

In a world often fraught with division and strife, a beacon of hope, the 67 Blankets for Mandela Day, shines brightly as a beloved national and global movement embarks on a journey of compassion.

A peace, love, and tolerance road trip is set to traverse the diverse landscapes of South Africa, carrying with it a message of unity and understanding.

Carolyn Steyn, Muziwethu Zwane and Greta Collier. Photo: Duduzile Khumalo

This extraordinary initiative, born out of a collective desire to foster empathy and goodwill, is much more than just a journey; it’s a testament to the power of humanity’s innate capacity for kindness.

Hitting their first road trip at the Rosebank Union Church in Hurlingham, Carolyn Steyn, the founder of 67 Blankets for Mandela Day, expressed the importance of making personal connections with those in need.

Dikeledi Phiri and Refiloe Mokotjo. Photo: Duduzile Khumalo

“We are visiting all regions of our beautiful country to distribute blankets to people less fortunate than ourselves. This year, we wanted to make those personal connections that are so important to us and spend time with the organisations and people we support.”

She added that what better way to do that than a good, old-fashioned road trip where they deliver the blankets their KnitWits have crafted across the country and have so lovingly crafted to keep those in need warm throughout the winter months?

Greta Collier addresses attendees at the event. Photo: Duduzile Khumalo

“Dubbed the Peace, Love, and Tolerance Road Trip, this initiative goes beyond providing warmth; it embodies the spirit of compassion and unity that Nelson Mandela championed.”

Steyn emphasised that it is more than handing over blankets for warmth; it’s about showing that they care and are fulfilling what our country needs now more than ever: peace, love, and tolerance.

Jaloo Camay, Corne Hechter, Carolin Schoeman, Sandy De Goede and Melanie Serrurier.

“One small act of kindness goes a long way, and when we connect, we knit the fabric of our society, built on peace, love, and tolerance, just as Madiba inspired us all to do.”

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