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Meet Calypso, the golden retriever

Calypso the golden retriever is open to making more new friends.

Sandown resident Khanyi Pascal and her golden retriever Calypso, spent a relaxed afternoon at the Field and Study Park in Parktown on May 4.

There, they met this journalist who quickly made friends with the energetic and playful three-year-old dog.

Calypso was just a puppy when he entered Pascal’s world, making himself fully at home in her loving care.

Khanyi Pascal and Calypso bring out each other’s smiles.

Pascal and Calypso displayed their mutual understanding of one another, with him looking to tug her away towards the nearby trees as she spoke about his favourite places. Calypso’s favourite nestling space is in bed with Pascal, with a few exceptions.

“He’s not an outside dog, so he does prefer to stay indoors,” said Pascal. “However, in terms of walking, he likes to walk around our neighbourhood, interacting with all the people and other dogs.”

In terms of culinary requirements, Calypso isn’t a picky eater.

“He eats everything – chicken breasts, cheese in moderation, tissues, and socks,” Pascal laughed. “Yes, he swallows the socks.”

Pascal spends approximately R1 000 monthly to keep her best friend well-fed and entertained.
“Grooming him would be just brushing him every day, which is free,” Pascal concluded, pointing out the black birthmark adorning Calypso’s ear. “We wash him every two weeks.”

Calypso’s personality has spilt over onto social media where he can be followed on his own Instagram page: @golden_calypso.

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