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South Africans celebrate Heritage Day

South Africans unite as they celebrate Heritage Day with friends and families.

As millions of South Africans celebrated Heritage Day, a couple of local venues took the time to join in on the festivities of the day honouring diversity and various cultures.

Multiple places in the northern part of Johannesburg caught the special moment of a national celebration. One of the most well-known locations to welcome individuals was the Bryanston Organic Market. On September 25, locals came wearing their traditional attire to showcase their identity with other individuals.

Meesook Kitchen displays her massive cotton candy. Photo: Motlatsi Mailula
Sarah Mbotshwa and Cerys Bullock Pharoah embrace each others culture. Photo: Motlatsi Mailula

“Heritage Day for me means a lot because the whole country is commemorating the day. The day is important because we showcase one another’s identities through different cultures. It is beautiful to witness people wearing their traditional clothes for something other than a wedding. It is one of my favourite public holidays,” said Tebatso Maisela from UnbuntuCrafts.

Chairman of the Chinese Association Erwin Pon expresses his excitement of sharing a cultural experience with the locals of Rivonia. Photo: Motlatsi Mailula
Couple Jasmine Luzie and Jabulani take some time off to celebrate Heritage Day with their peers. Photo: Motlatsi Mailula

Rivonia truly demonstrated the beauty of cultures and countries coming together as one. The Hong Hing Chinese Aged Home and the Chinese Association organised a public function to honour the day while raising funds for both their old aged home and for the Amitofo Care Centre. Children performed some traditional dances from both Chinese and African cultures.

Darren Karfor, Bruce Jones and Russell Kwong Hing spend some quality time with friends and families at Rivonia Central as they celebrate Heritage Day. Photo: Motlatsi Mailula

“The event has been fantastic. In Chinese culture, heritage is important: remembering your ancestors, roots and where you came from. We use the day to also remember and thank the older generation that paved the way,” said the chairman of the Chinese Association, Erwin Pon.

Diana Phelan and Gaby distract Bryanston residents as they explore the organic market. Photo: Motlatsi Mailula
Deanne Burger, Billy Buna and Allan Yeun sing some classic tunes. Photo: Motlatsi Mailula

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