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‘Moral Booster’ for the community

"His, and his wives wishes, is to see young people discover themselves."

SEDIBENG.- Together with his wife Zanele, Pastor Given Mulambo is doing wonders for the young people in the community of Sasolburg.
The couple have opened a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) called ‘Moral Booster’ that helps young people to discover themselves and also gives them a platform to unleash their God’s given talents to make a living for themselves and their families.

The NPO donates clothes, shoes food and other necessities to the disadvantaged members of the community. With the surge of Covid-19, the organization also donates masks and sanitizers. Mulabo said that his, and his wives wishes, is to see young people discover themselves and that they should know that they too have a purpose in this world.

Pastor Given Mulambo and his wife Zanele.

“God has given us different gifts and we all have different callings, it is up to us how we use them.”
The organization also does events management and seminars where Mulambo’s team assists young people to ‘discover’ themselves.
“Join us in raising a better generation, Use what God has placed around you to soar. Use that unfulfilling job to gain as much skill and expertise as you can so that you can soar in a new environment one day”

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