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Many have tried, but it is only this few that have been chosen!

“A journey of a lifetime begins with a single walk”

The class of 2022 began a journey to what will determine the outcome of their future on Monday when they started their final exams. Many have tried, but it is only this few that have been chosen to complete what they started almost twelve years ago.

It takes patience and courage for one to keep focused for so long, therefore like many, I would like to throw in my ‘two cents’ in wishing, not only the matriculants that are writing their final exams, but everyone that will be writing their final exams goodluck. There is a tendency for many during this time to ask themselves if they will make it. Will I make it, do I know enough, am I prepared?, comes the questions and self doubt.

Never doubt your ability!

I wish  to say, stop worrying about the day of the exam and instead prepare yourself for it and take good care of your health, I am sure you will nail it. All you need now is a little rest and self-confidence to crack it, you have not come this far to disappoint the many people that have been behind you since you started this journey. The most important thing is that your preparations and hard work that you have put in will overshadow luck, prayers and everything.

There is no need to worry, we have seen you prepare well ahead, we have seen you put in the hours, we have seen your sweat, you can do this!

You are capable of achieving anything you heart desires therefore you cannot begin now to lose faith in your amazing strengths. We have total faith in your abilities, this is the beginning of your start to writing your stories, the stories that will forever define you. Have courage in your heart and a calm mind.

Come on boys and girls, go ahead and give it your best shot.

From a young pupil in grade 1 to a doctor in the highest of universities, I would like to say Goodluck!

Surely you would do well, All the best!

Lerato wa ha Serero…

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