If Midvaal was a movie, it would be a blockbuster!

"Our councillors fight for your roads, lights, parks, development and stand up against those who want to undermine you as residents. We do this because we ARE one of you and you ARE us."


By Phil C. Pretorius, Councillor and Chief Whip, Midvaal Municipality

Jamie Lee Curtis in her acceptance speech at the 95th Oscar Awards for the film industry heroically mentions that she is part of hundreds of people accepting the award for the role. She mentions that it is a team effort, as many have mentioned before her, but with a unique new approach. This echoes in the words of Maya Angelou who said: “I come as one, but stand as ten thousand!”

So as Chief Whip, I then stand up for the people. But so do the Mayor with his team of MMCs as well fellow councillors as individuals and pull together to represent Midvaal’s meager 121 153 residents. Sometimes more. Sometimes we represent the Vaal, Gauteng and sometimes even South Africa. As council members we do not act AGAINST the residents but in the INTEREST OF the residents, not in OPPOSITION TO the community but as LEADERS FOR the community, not as FILM STARS with Oscars but rather as the production team with a BLOCKBUSTER box office winner. Like any good organization there must be someone at the helm. The film studio that controls everything appoints a producer who in turn appoints a director to complete the production. The production team must control the cameras, lighting, sound, editing, marketing, financing, casting, script development, etc. Music has to be composed, actors have to be rehearsed and filmed, costumes, make-up, props, refreshments, transport, special effects, and all the clever names that roll for 10 minutes at the end of a film. When all these functions fall into place and the talents are genuine and sincere, you have a hit. But that’s why Jamie Lee dedicates it to the hundreds of people behind the scenes. It is a bigger effort than just her own.

Midvaal does not just consist of the Mayor and councillors. The Municipal Manager directs, and is supported by departments, portfolios and divisions. The Executive Directors and Department Heads are as strong as their seniors, clerks and juniors. As councillors, we stand in wards, with thousands of residents behind us. We represent you, are part of you and live you. We count on your support and help.

There are always the exceptions but from experience in Midvaal I can testify that our DA councillors hold the positions to serve our society. The salaries for public representatives in small municipalities like Midvaal cannot make any councillor rich and it differs drastically from larger municipalities like Emfuleni and Metros around us. In many cases councillors use more of their private funds in their wards for projects and aid than they earn by being a councillor. Our councillors fight for your roads, lights, parks, development and stand up against those who want to undermine you as residents. We do this because we ARE one of you and you ARE us.

So, when Midvaal wins the prize for BEST MUNICIPALITY IN SA and NINTH CONSECUTIVE CLEAN AUDIT and numerous other awards, it may be the director who will receive the award on stage, but he/she does it on behalf of all 121 163 Midvaal residents… because YOU won it and we are PROUD MIDVAAL.

Midvaal greetings.
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Alderman Phil Pretorius, Chief Whip of the Midvaal Municipality

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