How to report an emergency

A fast reaction time can be extremely important in emergency situations, as it can often make the difference between life and death, or between preventing further damage and allowing a situation to escalate.

MEYERTON. – The Midvaal Fire Department deals with fires, accidents and other emergency situations within the Midvaal Local Municipality on a daily basis.

Here are some guidelines offered by the fire department on how to deal with an emergency situation and contact the fire department for help:

*Firstly, stay calm.

*Phone the Midvaal Fire Department’s control room on (016) 360-7500 to report accidents and fire-related incidents in the Midvaal area. Make sure you have the number saved on your phone.

*Clearly state the nature of your emergency.

*Give clear directions and supply your street name, house number and the neighbourhood. You can use nearby landmarks when giving directions on how to get there.

*Give your full name and contact details so that the fire department can get in touch with you if needed.

*Make sure you keep your line available if the fire department needs to contact you again.

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