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Giraffe, hippo attacks: Margate medic assists in saving lives of two women

Margate paramedic Tanya Grobler helped saved the victim of a giraffe attack. On the same day she helped save the life of a woman trampled by a hippo.

Tanya Grobler, a paramedic from Netcare 911 in Margate, played an integral role in helping save the lives of two women mauled by wild animals in two separate incidents in Northern KwaZulu-Natal yesterday.

Grobler joined the Netcare 911 team, which flew to assist in the incidents – the first involved a giraffe in Hluhluwe and a second a hippo in St Lucia.

Netcare 911 paramedic Tanya Grobler en route to assist, along with emergency care practitioner, Marco de Almeida.

Spokesman Shawn Herbst said Netcare 911 received a report that a woman (25) and her daughter (16 months), who live in the area, had been attacked by an adult giraffe at a private game lodge yesterday afternoon, at around 15:30. He said the girl was rushed to a local doctor’s office, where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

Herbst said that when the team of operational paramedics arrived on the scene they found the mother in critical condition. He added that she was treated on scene, but due to the nature of her injuries and the distance to an appropriate hospital, was flown in the Netcare 911 Helicopter Air Ambulance, on which Grobler was aboard, and taken to a specialist facility.

Circumstances leading up to the incident will be investigated by the relevant Saps who attended the scene.

Giraffe. Photo for illustration purposes only. PHOTO BY PIXBAY


Three hours later and some 80km away, Netcare 911 responded to the incident involving the hippo at St Lucia. A woman, her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend had been swimming in the pool at a resort – in the late evening – when loadhsedding kicked in.

Herbst explained that the three decided to exit the pool, in complete darkness and head back to their accommodation. “While walking back they were confronted by an adult hippo and her calf,” he said. Herbst said the trio ran to escape the charging animal, but the mother (50) was tramped and bitten. Her daughter and her boyfriend managed to escape.

Hippo with calf. Photo for illustration purposes only. PHOTO BY PIXABAY
St Lucia NSRI Station 19, with the START Rescue team, was called to assist the wounded woman, lady, duly notifying authorities.
When a Netcare 911 operations team arrived on scene they found the woman in a critical condition.
The woman, whose condition was rapidly deteriorating, was treated on scene by an emergency care practitioner,” said Herbst.
She too was flown in the Netcare 911 Helicopter Air Ambulance to an appropriate facility.
Circumstances leading up to the incident will be investigated by the St Lucia Saps.


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