Why toddlers act out when they are over-tired

If your toddler is having an epic temper tantrum or has turned into an angry dragon, it might be a sign that your tot needs a little nap.

Your child’s irritability could be the result of skipped naps, a late bedtime, or unrestful sleep. An over-tired child can turn into your worst enemy, especially in public. Sometimes, even the sweetest little cherub can unleash the worst tantrum, and it is all because they are tired. Crankiness in kids doesn’t always mean your little one is in a bad mood. It might just mean they need to sleep. According to Good Night’s Sleep Consultant, Sunette Joubert, “an over-tired child becomes so physically exhausted that the child’s body triggers a stress response.”


Three things that happen to an over-tired child



Ever wondered where the burst of energy comes from at 10 pm at night? It’s not the lollipop they had 5 hours ago. The running around and screaming, even in the afternoons, can all be signs that your little one has to take a nap or be tucked in for the evening.

Angry Dragon

Emotional volatility, according to The Sleep Connection, is prevalent amongst kids that are sleep deprived. They usually display restlessness and get easily frustrated.

Depression & Anxiety

Even teens that are sleep deprived are more susceptible to anxiety and depression. If they don’t receive adequate sleep due to sleeping later and waking up too early, they might be significantly affected.

How much shut-eye does a toddler need?

According to What to Expect, toddlers need 11-14 hours of sleep every night. Toddlers should be getting one or two naps in a day as well, and the time can vary. At some point, they will be ready to drop from two naps to one. Signs that they’re ready to drop a nap include either resisting the second nap or vocalising that they don’t want to nap. At around age three, some are even ready to drop the daytime nap completely. If your toddler is okay throughout the day and does not display signs of being overtired, you can drop the nap. If not, it is advisable not to give up on nap time, for their sanity, and your own!

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