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#Elections2024: Amanzimtoti youth encouraged to vote for change

Amanzimtoti Youth Crime Prevention Desk's public relations officer, Austin Gounden, believes that the power to bring change into our country lies in the hands of the youth.

MOTIVATIONALIST and activist Austin Gounden encourages the youth to shape their future and make a difference in their community by casting their ballots on Election Day, May 29.

Gounden, inspired by the legacy of his late grandfather, Khanna Gounden – a pioneering figure in the Lower Illovo area – believes in the power of youth engagement and its potential to bring about change.

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“There is one vision that I have to achieve, and that is to make a difference. I want to motivate and encourage the youth to also have the same attitude towards making a difference. We are the future, and we have the power to make the change in our country,” he said.

Gounden’s drive to improve his community stems from the stories his grandfather shared about the once peaceful and safe environment of their community. “This has motivated me to want to bring that back in my community so future generations can have a better, safer community,” he said.

As the public relations officer for the Amanzimtoti Youth Crime Prevention Desk, he emphasised the role of the youth in this mission. “Change is good. With change comes greater opportunities for us to help our youth become more actively involved,” said Gounden.

He is a strong advocate for mandatory voting, as he believes every vote counts and can make a difference.

“Our future is at stake, and it’s time we take control of it. Voting is not just a right but a responsibility. It’s a chance to shape the world we want to live in. We’re the ones who will inherit the consequences of today’s choices, so we should have a say in those choices. We’re the ones who will be most affected by these choices,” said Gounden, who will be voting for the third time.

The youth desk, where he serves, also plays a role in this. “The desk aims to involve young people in identifying the root causes of youth violence and crime and to collaborate on social crime-prevention strategies,” said Gounden, adding that they are also involved in community service such as volunteering and promoting sports initiatives.

For more information, or to join, contact Austin Gounden on 065 863 7363 or WhatsApp on 076 028 7344.

Alternatively, visit his Facebook or Instagram pages, ‘Motivation by Austin Gounden’, where he shares motivational quotes to inspire others.


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