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Kamalinee Primary School recycles for wheelchairs

Kamalinee Primary School has facilitated its second wheelchair for the year with the help of learners from the school who diligently collected bread tags and bottle caps.

KAMALINEE Primary School in Lotus Park recently fulfilled the wish of an ill elderly community member to be able to move around when it arranged a wheelchair donation for him.

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On June 3, the school received the new wheelchair from the Sweethearts Foundation, which recycles plastic bottle caps and bread tags, using the proceeds to buy wheelchairs for those in need.

Kamalinee Primary School’s teacher and recycling ambassador, Fatima Dildar, said she was made aware of a couple in need of a wheelchair to be able to move around. After the learners collected a large amount of recyclable caps and bread tags, she contacted Sue Martin from Sweethearts Foundation who promptly got back to her with the news that a new wheelchair had been made available.

“It gives me great pleasure to announce that we have secured a brand new wheelchair for one of our very deserving community members. This, of course, would not have been possible without the support and dedication of our teachers, parents, learners and the community at large. We are extremely proud of our learners who bring in bags, boxes and packets of caps and tags almost daily,” said Dildar.

She added that by recycling plastic tops and tags, not only is the community helping someone who needs a wheelchair but they playing a part in preserving the future of the planet while supporting the environment.

This was the second wheelchair this year that the school has facilitated for a deserving community member through the Sweethearts Foundation.



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