Seven steps to turn your home into a coastal paradise

Add luxury resort feels to your space with these easy tips.

Didn’t manage to go to your dream beach destination this past December thanks to Omicron? It’s not too late to enjoy the tranquil vibe of coastal resort style this summer – just bring the coast to your home with these seven steps from the Volpes team:

Create a sanctuary

We all need a calm retreat where we can breathe and enjoy some quiet time. Choose a space (your bedroom is usually the easiest option) where you can get away for an hour or two. Opt for all-white, crisp linen or natural tones made from 100% cotton to create a serene environment that takes you away to a luxury beach villa. If you want to really spoil yourself, choose Egyptian Cotton (300 or even 600 thread count) for the ultimate boutique-hotel-at-home experience.

Less is more chic

Minimalism is synonymous with calm and you’ll be amazed how much more relaxing your home feels without the everyday clutter. Get a couple of elegant storage options (we loveThe Kubu baskets) to organise and pack away clutter.

Stay-at-home spa

Upgrade your everyday items by adding a touch of luxe here and there to make it feel more like a spa experience. Invest in some stylish bath sheets in Hunters Green or Duck Egg along with plump, patterned scatter cushions for your lounge or bedroom or ultra soft sheeting for your bed.

It’s all about the details

Scatter cushions are your best friends when it comes to giving your space an instant pop of freshness. Be it adding beautiful botanical prints, a punch of colour to a muted colour palette or to bring in textures for visual interest.

Add a touch of coastal décor

Who doesn’t love a cute wooden sailboat coupled with some blues and whites to really bring home that coastal chic flair? Be it a bathroom, kids room or your outside veranda, these cute, coastal accessories instantly create a holiday feeling.

Make your space cosy and user-friendly

Be it a lightweight, 100% cotton throw rolled up on the armrest, ready for that mandatory ‘Netflix and chill’ session or a shimmersoft throw on the edge of your bed for afternoon naps – having a space where you can be comfortable and really relax is worth gold.

Tie the look together

Hang a couple of airy, voile curtains for a soft, summer feel, perfect for indoor/outdoor living. You can still enjoy the lovely view while letting in a soft, warm breeze. Go for blues and greens to match your scatters or opt for white or cream to stay in tune with a calm colour palette.


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