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Christmas fun galore at the Lighthouse

Fun, dancing and togetherness was the order of the day.

TOWNSVIEW – Children at the Lighthouse brought out their best dance moves and made the dance floor sizzle at their school’s Christmas party held on November 29 in Linmeyer. This was also their very first Christmas Concert.

Learners performed to some Christmas Jingles to the enjoyment of proud parents, educators and other attendees.Sweet treats, snacks and refreshments were served to attendees and the fun did not stop there, pop music was played, each child singing along to favourite tunes. Katy Perry’s Teenage dream was a hit among the jolly crowd.

The lady who runs the school and Event organiser at Lighthouse, Lucilia Jacinto, said they wanted to thank all their supporters and also informed the CHRONICLE that the Lighthouse school would be having a jumble sale on December 7 at the school, adding that it’s a monthly event.

“We want to thank all the parents for coming here and other people who were here from the Lion’s Club, and for all the help,” said Ronel Ladeira of the Lighthouse.

The party carried on until late afternoon and when it was time for the children to go home, many of them walked out of the premises with smiling faces.

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