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Steelwings Midvaal raises funds for hospice

The hospice can use the money to continue growing

JOHANNESBURG SOUTH – Wide Horizon Care hospice is grateful to have had R30 000 raised by the Steelwings Midvaal and another R5 000 donated at the after party at the Klipriviersberg Recreation Centre.

Steelwings Midvaal raised the amazing sum of money through selling tables for the show, which also featured the actor Hannes Muller and his wife Cathrine Muller.

Presidents and Vice-President of Steelwings Midvaal, Bertie Fourie and Egbert Mooi, showed they belonged to a club that cares a lot about people and great initiatives.

Raising the money for the hospice was something they enjoyed doing as it would help the hospice grow and make the world a better place.

The events hosted on the evening of Saturday August 30 ended at 22:30, followed by an exciting after party which lasted until 3:30 on Sunday morning.

The event was a huge success, everybody had a fantastic time.

“The event was a success, we hope to do it again and to also help other charity organisations. I also want to thank all the people of Midvaal who showed up at the event,” said Greg, a happy man who helped to organise the beautiful event.

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