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Drivers and residents in the area want to know when traffic lights will be put in

Thank you for enlightening us about what happened to the four way stop at Letaba and Orpen and the subsequent removal of it.

To say it confused motorists is an understatement. Now, when I approach Orpen from Letaba, some confused motorists stop whereas others have realised the four way stop is gone and keep driving. My only question about this is: when are the traffic lights going to be installed? This has created such confusion that it’s only a matter of time before an accident takes place.

As for the accident that took place just outside the Kia dealership: Boundary/Orpen Road either need speed bumps/traffic circles/traffic lights at all the major entry/exit points onto these roads.

Just yesterday I witnessed an accident outside of Comaro Crossing as I was driving on Boundary Road towards Comaro. Somebody was trying to get into the shopping centre. The driver in the far left hand lane didn’t see them and hit them straight on. This has happened many times in the past as well. I also hate trying to turn from Satara onto Boundary for fear of cars from either side hitting me. I always try to enter these roads without crossing traffic so as to avoid any possible collisions.

Karen de Melo 

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