Unconditional love of ‘Phenomenal Women’

She is a friend, sister, granny, teacher, aunt, mentor but most of all a Mother.

She plays an important role in your life, has unconditional love, strength and courage, she is called a “Phenomenal Woman”. We are celebrating women’s month and I would like to thank all women that are playing an important role in someone’s life (married as well as single mums), your presence in your children’s lives always puts a smile in their hearts.

She has the ability to move mountains, carry herself with pride, her dedication and commitment towards her family has shown that she is a phenomenal woman. She educates her children, motivates them to believe not only in themselves but their dreams. She has a heart of gold, arms to protect you, knees to pray with you, legs to walk an extra mile with you and faith to believe in the Lord above. She encourages, acknowledges, understands and never fails no matter how tough life might be. She is a pillar of strength and stands strong. Never breaks down but believes that there is always something better to look forward to.

She acknowledges the vision of their dreams, has the vision of a believer. Has the courage to face each day. A role model to look up to. She inspires them daily and acknowledges the good quality in others and dedicates her time to making a difference in the world.

Women’s month should not only be celebrated in August, women around the world should be acknowledged every day for all they do and give.

To be inspired by someone so loved touches not only your heart but your soul. It enlightens you on the brighter vision of life. Phenomenal women over the years have inspired me. They have given me the vision that if you believe in yourself anything is possible, I agree with them on that. Let us remember all the special women that have passed on and left an indelible mark in our lives.

Happy Women’s Month to all the phenomenal women out there.

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