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Victim centre lauds local NPO women

IN honour of Women’s Day, the Wentworth Victim Friendly Centre in conjunction with Wentworth SAP and Engen invited local women to an empowerment function at the Clairwood Racecourse on Thursday, 8 August.

Food, gifts entertainment and massages were the order of the day for the invited women, all of whom have committed themselves to making a difference in their community through outreach programmes, NGOs or support for needy families.

“Through your work, we achieve and it makes me feel honoured to live in Wentworth, because of all of you. You are powerful women, putting your heart and soul into helping, no matter what. And for that, I applaud you. I also thank the few ‘thorns’ present for their support, the men of our community also make me proud,” said Yvonne Bassier, Merewent Community Policing Forum chairman.

Val Melis of the Department of Justice spoke to the audience about domestic violence, rape and other dangers facing women and the paths to securing justice. Local performers presented their art and police were on hand to talk about the services they provide to the community and women in particular.

“It was a wonderful event and we are proud to have been involved and thank all the powerful women in our community for the work they continue to do,” said Wentworth SAP Warrant Officer Ballan Reddy.

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