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Spend 67 minutes with Crow for wildlife

The centre will be inviting people to spend their 67 minutes by getting companies, corporates or groups of volunteers to help with crucial projects at the centre.

THE Centre for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (Crow) will be celebrating its first ever Mandela Day this year and hopes to see animal lovers honouring the day in various exciting ways.

Crow is inviting people to spend their 67 minutes by getting companies, corporates or groups of volunteers to help with crucial projects at the centre, while also driving a whole campaign around donating to Crow, for those who can’t volunteer their time.

“People can either spend 67 minutes at Crow on 17 or 18 July (or throughout Mandela month) or donate an item or donate R67. On Mandela Day, volunteer teams will be also be encouraged to bring along donations pertaining to their project. Items can all be found on our wishlist on Takealot.com,”explained Crow Communications Officer, Alex Kogl.

A choice of four projects are available: the vegetable garden, the tortoise enclosure, the dassie enclosures as well as the volunteer house.

“The vegetable garden team will be required to prepare the patch of land behind the wetlands to be made into a vegetable and fruit garden that will feed the animals at the centre. The project will also eventually form part of our educational programme, teaching children about sustainable living and micro-farming. Activities will include the clearing of weeds, creepers and plant debris on the land to prepare for planting. Materials which be donated are, pitchforks, shovels, gardening gloves, pruners.

“The tortoise enclosure needs new feeding blocks, a top pond and a stream for a natural filtration system. Activities will include digging trenches, digging a pond, cement work (mixing cement, pouring, laying). Materials to be donated are shovels, picks, cement, sand.

Crow director, Clint Halkett-Siddall pictured one of the majestic tortoises kept at the centre.

“The dassie enclosures need new “rockeries”. These are cement and rock structures, which replicate the natural habitat of dassies. Between 1-4 are needed. This project entails cement work (mixing cement, pouring), small and medium rocks to be stuck together into structures and will require trowels, shovels, cement and sand.

“For the fourth project, the inside and outside of the volunteer house needs to be repainted to give it a fresh look and have it ready once we are able to start up our international volunteer project, which is one of our biggest sources of income. Brushes, roller, paint, enamel, drop cloths will be needed for prepping the surface and the painting of interior of volunteer house,” said Alex.

For those wishing to donate, items can be bought off Crow’s wishlist and dropped off at the centre or be delivered through Takealot.com. The team will also be setting up a donation booth in front of Crow’s admin building in a designated spot in the parking lot with a gazebo and table, where people will be able to drop off donations. The booth will also contain a “MySchool” sign-up station where people can sign up to become members.

Two people will man the booth and accept donations via cash, card or Zapper and sign up MySchool card holders and sell any merchandise we do have on hand like Crow masks, monkey bin clips and t-shirts. The booth will be open on both Friday the 17th and Saturday the 18th, to ensure that people can come through on either day to drop off donations.

“To ensure utmost caution against infection, we will only be allowing volunteers in who are part of a corporate/ school or company team. This is so we can control exactly who comes in and ensure they follow proper disinfecting procedures. The necessary Covid-19 checks and protocols will be followed. To keep cross-contamination at a minimum, the donation booth will be away from the clinic, at the bottom by the admin building, ensuring that members of the public who come in have minimal foot traffic upstairs, where our nurses and animals are,” she said.


To view Crow’s GivenGain campaign and donate follow this link: https://www.givengain.com/cc/crow-covid19-relief-fund/

Alternatively you can make a donation via  Zapper at https://zapper.com/url/9wUKrFPdrh , PayPal at paypal.me/crowkzn or EFT: CROW, First National Bank, Acc: 50770230859, Branch Code: 222126, SWIFT/BIC: FIRNZAJJ



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