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Colours of Bliss Autism Centre hosts second mini-gala

Despite the inclement weather, the day brimmed with fun and sportsmanship as children from various schools in the Merewent area engaged in races and activities.

AS Autism Awareness Month unfolds, the Colours of Bliss Autism Centre held its second annual mini sports gala at the Dubri Road sports ground on April 6, showcasing their dedication to inclusion.

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The event marked its second year, drawing schools from the Merewent area to engage in various races and activities. Nilesthra Padayachee, the Centre’s Public Relations Officer, emphasised, “The focus is on fostering interaction between neurotypical children and those on the autism spectrum.”

Founded in September 2021 by Kubashnie Padayachee, Colours of Bliss Autism Centre has emerged as a beacon of hope for families dealing with the challenges of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Originating from the personal struggles of Kubashnie’s daughter, Sai, diagnosed with autism at the age of two, Colours of Bliss was born out of a need for suitable educational environments. Recognising the scarcity of such facilities in the community, Kubashnie and her husband took the initiative to establish a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing specialised care and education for children with autism.

Autism Spectrum Disorder manifests in difficulties with communication and social interaction. Nilesthra stresses the significance of awareness in dispelling misconceptions about autism. “Awareness is the first step to understanding, which ultimately leads to acceptance and inclusion,” she asserts.

In its mission to combat stereotypes, Colours of Bliss prioritises education, advocacy and support for families. Padayachee highlights, “Children with autism teach us the importance of unconditional love because they demand it but also give it so generously.”

For more information about upcoming events or general inquiries for parents or potential caregivers, individuals can visit Colours of Bliss Autism Centre’s Facebook page or contact them via email at coloursofblissdbn@gmail.com.

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