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Project Genesis calls on community for assistance

The non-profit organisation aims to rally the community together to assist with contributions toward its school-tracksuit drive.

AS winter looms, Project Genesis, a local non-profit organisation renowned for its commitment to feeding the less fortunate, has unveiled a new project that ensures that underprivileged children stay cosy throughout the colder months.

Established in 2023 with the noble goal of eliminating child hunger in the community, the organisation has now pivoted its focus to supplying school tracksuits for children in Wentworth.

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Tania Smith, Project Genesis founder, said, “With unemployment rates soaring in the area and many families struggling to make ends meet, Project Genesis recognises the importance of addressing the basic needs of vulnerable youth.”

Smith passionately underscored the pressing necessity for warm clothing as temperatures drop, drawing from her firsthand experiences in Wentworth. “I witness daily the hardships faced by our people. Unemployment is rampant, and with winter approaching, I know that a child can’t learn if they are cold or, let alone, hungry,” she asserted.

In a bid to rally community support, Project Genesis is issuing a call for donations or sponsorships toward the procurement of school tracksuits for these children.

Those interested in contributing or sponsoring a tracksuit can reach out to Tanya Smith on 084 697 8911 or via email at projectgenesis917@gmail.com.

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