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Winter drive launched by Mediskills Healthcare Academy

The winter drive will provide free haircuts and grooming, medical screenings and a hot meal to homeless people in the Clairwood community.

MEDISKILLS Healthcare Academy has officially launched their second annual winter drive, aiming to provide essential support to the destitute and homeless residents of Clairwood.

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The event is led by the academy’s founder, Allison Andrews, and focuses on collecting non-perishable food items, used warm clothing and blankets.

“Our second annual winter drive is an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of Clairwood’s homeless population,” said Andrews.

“Many cannot afford basic healthcare or even transportation to health facilities. Sometimes, a fresh haircut and a neat set of clothing are all that stand between them and employment opportunities that could change their situation. For some, just having a single warm jacket or blanket can help them survive the entire winter.”

The event will also offer free haircuts and grooming services, various medical screenings and a hot meal to all attendees. These services are crucial for individuals who often lack access to basic necessities, let alone healthcare and grooming.

“Our goal is to bring comfort and a sense of dignity to many this winter season,” Andrews added. “With the community’s help, we can offer more than just temporary relief – we can provide the resources and support that could lead to long-term positive change.”

Mediskills Healthcare Academy is accepting monetary donations as well as contributions of the specified items until May 28. Volunteers are also welcomed and encouraged to participate in the drive, providing hands-on assistance during the event.

Community members and businesses interested in contributing to the winter drive can contact Mediskills Healthcare Academy directly for more information on how to donate or volunteer. Andrews emphasises that every contribution, no matter how small, can make a significant impact.

To donate, you can transfer funds to Mediskills Healthcare Foundation at FNB, Account number 63046876322. For more details on how to get involved, contact Allison Andrews on 081 307 1573.

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